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Quality Of Life In Patients With Prostate Cancer: Validation Of An Instrument For Clinical Practice.
Autor: F. Balbontín, P. Marchetti, S. Moreno, J. M. Cabello, C. Urzúa, A. Silva, J. Avilés, L. Badínez, J. García, A. Salgado, E. Vinez, I. Alliende, A. Canals Y A. Velasco.
Editorial: Archivos Españoles de Urología
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OBJECTIVES: Currently there are instruments to evaluate the different features of the impact on quality of life in those patients with prostate cancer undergoing any type of treatment, but most of them have 50 or more questions and they are difficult to apply in clinical practice. An English validation of a shortened version of the EPIC (Expanded Prostate Cancer Composite), the most used instrument to measure the quality of life in patients with prostate cancer, has been published recently. This version called EPIC-CP (Expanded Prostate Cancer Composite-Clinical Practice) consists of 16 questions arranged in a page, for easy and rapid clinical application. The objective of this work is to validate a Spanish version of the EPIC-CP.

METHOD: An inversa-directa Spanish translation of the original version was performed. The EPIC-CP and EQ5D questionnaires were applied to 46 patients eligible to be subjected to different treatments - open prostatectomy (OP), Robotic Prostatectomy (RP), brachytherapy (Br) or conformational radiotherapy (CR) - and 82 patients already treated (9 OP, 13 RP, 7 Br, 4 CR). For reliability evaluation, the Cronbach´s alpha was used to test the internal consistency for each domain of the EPIC-CP. Treated and untreated patients´ scores were compared with the Wilcoxon range sum test to assess the sensitivity to change.

RESULTS: Cronbach´s alpha was elevated in all the EPIC-CP domains (near or greater than 0.7), indicating a high internal consistency. There was no significant difference in age and educational level between treated and untreated patients. We found significant differences between treated and untreated patients in the total EPIC CP score, in the domains of urinary incontinence, bowel function, sexual function and hormonal function.

CONCLUSION: The Spanish version of the EPIC-CP is reliable and valid, so it is a useful tool to measure the quality of life in patients with prostate cancer, as well as the impact of different treatments.

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